Comprehensive Legal Services

We are a firm of attorneys, conveyancers and notaries specialising in property law.
This is the area of entering into marriage in which most people feel a range of uncomfortable - some a little and others extremely... 
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We offer Debt Collection & Levy Collection services for businesses, Sectional units, Body Corporates and individuals...
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Estate Planning
The amount of people who think that they don’t need estate planning because they don’t have an estate is astonishing...
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The different types of litigation in practice today are High Court and Magistrate Court litigation...
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Our speciality is property law and conveyancing
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South African Residential evictions are governed by the Prevention of Illegal Eviction from and Unlawful Occupation of Land Act 19 of 1998.
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Our Vision

Incorporate and maintain a professional approach and service to current and prospective clients.

We want our clients to see our firm as a helping hand to help them resolve any problems/circumstances that may occur. Always remain affordable for our clients, may it be an individual/company.

Always keeping our clients informed and up to date on there applications progress, so that they never feel like they are left in the dark on the process and procedure. Retaining our current / prospective clients are also very important to our firm as we always want to be there to help.

We want to help were we can and try and lift some of the strain/frustration, so that our clients can focus on their own growth and to succeed.

Our Mission

To help our clients to achieve there goals with matters that may arise and help them resolve their legal matters as fast and effective as possible.

To keep the process as smooth , affordable and in the quickest way possible. We would like to relieve our clients of there legal worries and help them as much and as far as we can and effortless as possible.

We want to take this responsibility off our client and assure them that we are trying to resolve this matter as effortless as possible, so that our clients can concentrate on their everyday tasks , may it be personal/business related.

We want to reassure our clients that they are in good hands and that they should let us do the worrying for them on their legal matters and that they should focus on and continue growing with what they are busy with, and not stand still but move forward.

We are making a commitment to our clients to help and serve them to the best of our ability and to try and make the process as hassle free as possible.


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Smit & Booysen Attorneys

Our main objectives is to provide clients with sound legal advice and comprehensive service. Whether you are a company or an individual looking for effective legal advice and support, we will offer you only the best in skills and experience.

Our dynamic assistance through our website portal enables you to say in constant contact with us, 24 hours a day, always being able to view the progress of your legal matters online. Our presence allows us to provide fast and effective service delivery, ethical answers and a platform in maintaining our relationship with you, our client. Providing you with the edge in legal assistance.

Providing you with the edge in legal assistance.